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International Journal on Advances in Life Sciences (Journal)

White, S. (Member of editorial board)
2012 → …

Activity: Editorial work

International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics (Journal)

Mswaka, W. (Reviewer)
3 Jan 2018

Activity: Publication Peer-review

Royal Historical Society (External organisation)

Thornton, T. (Member)
2003 → …

Activity: Membership of a Society or Institute

Reflections on Moral Courage and the Necessity of Practical Wisdom

Drake, P. (Speaker), Toddington, S. (Speaker)
12 Jul 2013

Activity: Oral presentation

Reading the Waterways: Canals in Literary Context

Matthews, J. (Speaker)
18 Oct 2016

Activity: Invited talk

Journal of Youth Studies (Journal)

Thompson, R. (Reviewer)

Activity: Publication Peer-review

International Journal of Children's Rights (Journal)

Parton, N. (Member of editorial board)
1998 → …

Activity: Editorial work

23rd International Conference on Automation and Computing

Xu, Z. (Chair)
7 Sep 20178 Sep 2017

Activity: Participating in a conference, workshop, ...

International Conference on Mobile, Hybrid, and On-line Learning (Event)

White, S. (Programme Committee Member)

Activity: Editorial work

Model Making as a Research Method

Dalton, J. (Speaker)
4 Jul 2017

Activity: Oral presentation

Journal of Writing in Creative Practice (Journal)

Bailey, R. (Editor)
Sep 2014

Activity: Editorial work

Natsume Sōseki’s Negative Response to Shakespeare

Borlik, T. (Speaker)
7 Jul 2016

Activity: Invited talk

Stories Told By, For, and About Women Refugees

Smith, K. (Keynote speaker)
8 Mar 2013

Activity: Invited talk

Home and the Subjective State

Mulhearn, R. (Speaker)
14 Jul 2017

Activity: Oral presentation

Experimental Investigation of Asphaltene Deposition in a Transparent Mini-Channel

Kiong, J. (Speaker), Afshin Goharzadeh (Speaker), Y. Zhuang (Speaker), Yit F. Yap (Speaker), Nevin Thunduvila Mathew (Speaker), Sibani Lisa Biswal (Speaker)
14 Jul 2014

Activity: Oral presentation

Driver Competence Performance Indicators Using OTMR

Van Gulijk, C. (Speaker), El Rashidy, R. (Speaker)
7 Jun 2016

Activity: Oral presentation

Derrida and Deleuze: of Void, Abundance and Artistic Research

Roberts, S. (Speaker)
23 May 2018

Activity: Oral presentation

GenoMeMeMusic: a Memetic-based Framework for Discovering the Musical Genome

Valerio Velardo (Speaker), Vallati, M. (Speaker)
14 Sep 2014

Activity: Oral presentation

No Research is Insignificant: Bringing Vocational Students into the World of Research

Wormald, J. (Speaker), Nena Skrbic (Speaker), Dave Brown (Speaker), Terry, R. (Speaker)
26 Jun 2015

Activity: Invited talk

British Journal of Social Work (Journal)

Burr, V. (Reviewer)
2005 → …

Activity: Publication Peer-review

Consumer Ethnocentrism Threatens Import Brands? Empirical Evidence from China and Greece and Validation of CEESCALE

Ding, Q. S. (Speaker), Meletios I. Niros (Speaker), Yannis A. Pollalis (Speaker), Yanfeng Zhou (Speaker), Markos H. Tsogas (Speaker)
7 Sep 2017

Activity: Oral presentation

Professional Service Operations Management: The Case for Leaner Law

Reid, I. (Speaker), Bamford, D. (Speaker)
6 May 2016

Activity: Oral presentation

Emerging Findings from the COPING Project 2012

Christmann, K. (Speaker)
6 Nov 2012

Activity: Oral presentation

Canals in Literary History

Matthews, J. (Speaker)
17 Nov 2016

Activity: Oral presentation

Social Sciences (Journal)

Parton, N. (Editor in chief)
2017 → …

Activity: Editorial work

Marion Donaldson: From Carnaby Street to Sauchiehall Street

Halbert, J. (Speaker)
17 Oct 2015

Activity: Oral presentation

Introduction to the Topic "New Materials and New Application"

Goswami, P. (Speaker)
31 Jan 2018

Activity: Oral presentation

Queen Mary University of London

Thornton, S. (Visiting researcher)
25 Jan 201826 Jan 2018

Activity: Visiting an external academic institution