A Beautiful Mess: Tales of in-between-ness in SMC research

Activity: Talk or presentation typesInvited talk


In this presentation, Pierre Alexandre Tremblay will share his experience of musiking with technology, embracing the richness and plurality of approaches to research in Sound and Music Computing.
Part reflective journal, part love song, part recipe book, this talk will offer the perspective from Tremblay’s music practice research, with examples from early ideas to his current projects. Artists will be cast as agents of chaos, and a model will be proposed where they contribute actively to many other well-established disciplines, between and beyond their respective areas.
SMC research sits intrinsically at the crossings of studio music production, (psycho)acoustics, sound design, DSP, data science, but tales of its practice show a rich world beyond such schematised inter-disciplinary accounts. Therefore, Pierre Alexandre will argue that this in-between-space in itself is worth both defending and celebrating. Reflecting on the affordances and challenges of such approach, he will hope to encourage us to be brave and embrace the fertility of crosspollination and uncertainties of this beautiful mess.
Period26 Jun 2020
Event titleSound and Music Computing Conference
Event typeConference
LocationTorino, ItalyShow on map
Degree of RecognitionInternational