A Semantically Motivated Gestural Interface for the Control of Audio Dynamic Range

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This paper proposes and tests the efficacy of a 2D gestural interface as a means of controlling audio processing parameters. The process of parameter mapping and subsequent optimisation can be applied within a 3D environment. Highly immersive computer interfaces, such as those found in modern virtual reality systems, offer an alternative platform suitable for 'virtual mixing desk' implementation, using a mixture of familiar controls and novel gestural control. By focusing on a small element of the proposed 'virtual mixing desk', audio dynamic range compression, this paper aims to evaluate the efficacy and practicality of a global gesture set. Following a large scale gesture elicitation exercise utilising a common 2D touch pad and analysis of semantic audio control parameters, a set of reduced multi-modal parameters are proposed which offers both workflow efficiency and a much simplified method of control for dynamic range compression.
Period23 Sep 2016
Event titleInteractive Audio Systems Symposium
Event typeConference
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