How do we support knowledge producing practices across the arts, design and architecture within, and in partnership with, university research structures? How can we rethink and expand the idea of the Arts Research Centre? What are the key questions and themes for artistic research today?

Interdisciplinary Arts Research Centres are setting up new infrastructures for supporting and developing practice-based research in the visual arts, design, and architecture; and between the arts, humanities and sciences. This symposium will bring together different approaches to forming Art Research Centres across Europe to consider the opportunities to support critically engaged practice through academic research agendas. We will consider how these research infrastructures are built through partnerships between artists, academia and contemporary art spaces, to enable many forms of dissemination and impact from social engagement, publishing and exhibition making. Speakers include: Lise Autogena, Director of the Art, Design and Media Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University; Rowan Bailey, Director of the Centre for Cultural Ecologies in Art, Design and Architecture, University of Huddersfield; Roberto Bresin, NAVET, KTH, Stockholm; Richard Julin, Artistic Director, Accelerator, in partnership with Stockholm University; Kristen Krieder, Head of School, The Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford, UK; and Christian Skovbjerg Jensen, Director of Inter Arts Centre, Lund University, Sweden.

The symposium will foreground new research addressing decoloniality in art and architecture with presentations by Sandi Halil and Alessandro Petti, Decolonising Architecture, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, alongside researchers within UmArts including Robert Mull and the Global Free Unit, and Toms Kokins work on Sweden’s contemporary Timber Empire.

This event will be the start of an Arts Research Centre Network, to share good practice, research methodologies, common challenges, and develop new funding collaborations.
Period10 Nov 2021
Event titleUmArts Symposium: Centring Arts Research
Event typeOther
LocationUmeå, SwedenShow on map
Degree of RecognitionInternational