Mitigating Hydrometeorological Hazard Impacts through Improved Transboundary River Management in the Ciliwung River Basin

  • Clegg, G. (Speaker)
  • Haigh, R. (Contributor to Paper or Presentation)
  • Amaratunga, D. (Contributor to Paper or Presentation)
  • Harkunti P Rahayu (Contributor to Paper or Presentation)

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The Ciliwung River is located on the island of Java, Indonesia. The capital city of Jakarta, located downstream, experiences frequent and often severe flooding. Extreme flooding in January 2020 was reported to have resulted in 66 fatalities, and the displacement of 36,000 people. The causes of flooding in Jakarta are multiple, originating from physical factors, such as the city’s location on a coastal delta, and its tropical climate which brings heavy precipitation. Anthropogenic factors, such as the high levels of urbanisation and socio-economic conditions, also play a role. In combination, these factors mean that addressing the flood risk is a complex task. The Ciliwung River can be considered transboundary, in that it crosses multiple provincial and district borders. To successfully mitigate flood risk, an integrated, basin-wide approach is required, where different actors can work together. However, current arrangements mean that these administrations often work independently, and at present, the governance of the river basin is fragmented. The aim of the project is to inform plans for improved transboundary river management in order to mitigate the flood hazard in the Ciliwung River Basin. Existing governance arrangements were investigated through interview sand focus group discussions with basin stakeholders, and literature reviews. Several challenges which hinder effective flood governance in the basin were identified, including vertical and horizontal coordination issues, fragmented sectoral working, and limited capacity of local governments. Recommendations to overcome these challenges include clarifying roles and responsibilities, and strengthening coordination mechanisms.
Period13 Jun 2022
Event title5th International Workshop on Building Resilience in Tropical Agro-Ecosystems
Event typeConference
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