The Impact Properties in Glass Laminate Aluminium Reinforced Epoxy

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In the last decade, due to their unique properties such as optimal impact resistance and toughness, fiber-metal laminated (FML) has attracted the attention of the aerospace and defense industries. The most common category of these laminates is glass laminate aluminum reinforced epoxy (GLARE), which contains aluminum for metal and epoxy layers reinforced with glass fibers. The study investigates the impact resistance of GLARE sheets. However, various mechanisms of damage were investigated, including plastic deformation of the metal layer, cracking of the matrix and failure of the fibres, delamination, and delamination between the laminate layers, and delamination of the metal layer from the laminate layer. Impact with different energies, percussion with different masses, different sheet thicknesses, and arrangement of different layers were analysed using the Finite Element Method in ABAQUS. The results indicated that: increasing the impact energy increases the plastic strain on the metal sheet and causes damage and breakage of the fibres. It was also observed that the mechanism of damage would be different depending on the amount of energy and geometric properties of the sheet and the impactor. Finally, the results illustrate that GLARE3 displayed better impact resistance than GLARE5
PeriodAug 2022
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