Archaeogeneticist Identifies Indian Population Origins Pinpointed Using Today’s Populace

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Researcher Marina Silva has identified migrating humans from Africa, Iran and Central Asia over a period of 50,000 years.

In addition to its vast patchwork of languages, cultures and religions, the Indian Subcontinent also harbours huge genetic diversity. Where did its peoples originate? This is an area of huge controversy among scholars and scientists. A University of Huddersfield PhD student is lead author of an article that tries to answer the question using genetic evidence.


Authors of the new article include Professor Martin Richards, who heads the University of Huddersfield’s Archaeogenetics Research Group. Member of the group are also co-authors of another recent paper, which focuses in depth on just one of the lineages found in India, Origin and spread of mitochondrial haplogroup U7, which has just appeared in the journal Scientific Reports.

Period11 May 2017

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Media coverage