If a practice or procedure of a state institution or state actors is found to be harmful to innocent children, should it be modified or altered (as far as is feasibly possible) to reduce the risks to the child? Likely, most people would agree that there is a moral imperative for the state to intervene in such cases to effect changes. One such area of concern is how the police conduct arrests of a child’s parent(s), the manner of the arrest, the techniques used at the family home, as well as the resulting child care arrangements (or lack thereof) that can result.


Children of prisoners don’t have much lobbying clout with governments, but as the research evidence mounts up, there appears to be a pressing need for a more child-friendly criminal justice system, one that recognises and respects the best interest of the child and makes greater provision for them.

Period20 Jun 2013 → 7 Nov 2013

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Media contributions