As ITV's "Liar" Shows, Spotting Deception is Harder Than it Looks

  • Chris Street

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Article about how to spot deception, featured in The Conversation, 5/10/17.


Research shows that the “strategic use of evidence”, such as withholding additional information or footage until you hear from a suspect, can help to achieve a high level of accuracy when it comes to telling truth from lies.

But in terms of fine tuning your own lie detector, there isn’t really an awful lot you can do, other than the obvious – ask questions and look for inconsistencies with known facts.

If you don’t have that information, try to stop yourself from assuming people are telling the truth, and keep an open mind. Ultimately, though, lie detection is a tough game. But in the future science might make it a whole lot harder to be a good liar and get away with it.

Period5 Oct 2017

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