Boxing day Tsunami Disaster

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University duo working to prevent loss of life in Indian Ocean

The 2004 Boxing Day tsunami in the Indian Ocean was one of the worst natural disasters in generations. About a quarter-of-a-million lives were lost as coastal communities in India, Thailand, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and many more, were engulfed by a massive wall of water following a 9.0 magnitude earthquake. And if a giant tsunami again threatens the countries that surround the Indian Ocean experts from the University of Huddersfield will make up the task-force that will attempt to make sure that level of loss of life is never seen again. An early warning system to limit the devastation was installed following the tragedy and an intergovernmental Task Team established.

Professors Dilanthi Amaratunga and Richard Haigh are the only members on the team from outside the 28 countries in the Indian Ocean region. The duo head up the university’s Global Disaster Resilience Centre and have played a key role in many international projects on preventing natural disasters.

Period9 Nov 2017

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Media contributions