Build Back Better Says Visiting Disaster Resilience DUO, Asian Tribune

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The Centre for Disaster Resilience, led by Dilanthi Amaratunga and Richard Haigh, promotes research and scholarly activity that examines the role of building and construction to anticipate and respond to disasters that damage or destroy the built environment. The Centre undertakes a full range of research styles, from fundamental theory building to highly applied and widely disseminated. Holistic solutions to real world problems are facilitated by the flow, interaction and creation of knowledge across multi-disciplinary groups and networks.

The term Resilience has been adopted in an attempt to describe the way in which it is possible to reduce a nation’s susceptibility to major incidents of all kinds. Resilience means trying to reduce the probability of these events occurring and their likely effects, and building institutions and structures in such a way as to minimise any possible effects of disruption upon them.

Period16 Jun 2009

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Media contributions