Conversations with the CEO - Chasing Zero Hair Loss - A scientific look into scalp cooling and how we plan to improve efficacy in the future

  • Richard Paxman
  • Andrew Collett
  • Nikolaos Georgopoulos

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Richard Paxman welcomes Dr Andrew Collet and Dr Nik Georgopoulos from the University of Huddersfield to learn about the extensive research that is being carried out looking deeper in to the scientific mechanisms of how scalp cooling prevents chemotherapy induced alopecia. Not only will this in-depth discussion uncover the latest biological mechanisms behind scalp cooling they will discuss the research that is being undertaken to improve the efficacy of scalp cooling using a topical product. This engaging discussion will enhance your understanding of scalp cooling from a scientific basis and leave you excited about the future developments for your patients.

Period24 Sep 2020

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Media contributions