CoViD-19 will hit the poor hardest: Here is how Pakistan can fight the emergency crises to hit the nation soon

  • Hamid Merchant
  • Izhar Hussain

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The CoViD-19 is now a major global health challenge with over 3 million cases and around 210 thousand confirmed deaths worldwide as of the 27th April 2020. Pakistan has recently seen a spike in CoViD-19 cases with around 14,000 confirmed cases and a death toll reaching 300. The actual number of CoViD-19 positive cases in Pakistan is far more than the official confirmed figures; realistic figures can never be obtained in an environment where the diagnostic test can only be offered to the selected few and overall lack of awareness and resources in the country. The current figures would have surprised many in Pakistan but are they really surprising? Pakistan is facing a more challenging environment already and the challenges will only get more intense in the days to come. Not only Pakistan will struggle with the lack of funds, technical facilities and equipment needed to fight the crises but also poor literacy, lack of awareness and culture of non-compliance to advice and regulations is going to make the situation worse. To tackle the worst medical crises to come soon, Pakistan needs a national emergency task force, led directly by the Prime Minister and his senior leadership with a panel of clinicians, public health and policy, pharmacy, law, religion, leadership and strategy experts. The approach can include a rapid response team to help with continuous oversight of national strategy; responding with an action plan on a very regular basis. The article proposes a multi-pronged approach to help in devising a national emergency response strategy.


Period2 May 2020

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Media contributions

  • TitleCoViD-19 will hit the poor hardest: Here is how Pakistan can fight the emergency crises to hit the nation soon
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