EURASIA and Tsunami Relief Efforts in Sri Lanka

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Dr Richard Haigh and Dr Dilanthi Amaratunga visited two universities – the University of Moratuwa and the Univ ersity of Ruhuna – as the Delegation of the European Commission to Sri Lanka. The visit was undertaken as part of a major International Research Project called EURASIA (EURopean and ASian Inf rastructure Adv antage). The project is led by Salford and inv olves partner institutions in Estonia, Lithuania and Sri Lanka. The EURASIA project – chaired by Prof essor Peter Brandon – aims to enhance the capacity of the partner institutions f or training, teaching and research activ ities required for the creation and long-term management of public and commercial facilities and infrastructure. In doing so, the project will support the ongoing recov ery programmes set up f ollowing the Indian Ocean Tsunami of December 2004.

Period1 Apr 2006

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Media contributions