Global Crises and the Reassessment of the World's Ethical Foundation: Lessons from African Communitarianism

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Global crises have one common feature – they are not innocuous. Covid-19, climate change, and poverty all have harmful features and are not benign occurrences. Nevertheless, they may produce learning moments, such as providing an opportunity for a moral reassessment of norms, laws, and practices in human society. Covid-19 is a case in point: a pandemic so destructive that it led to a loss of lives around the world and effectively brought human and societal progress to a halt. The pandemic set the world back to ancient times, characterised by fear and uncertainty, dramatised in instances such as the frantic rush by people in supermarkets to stock up on household essentials. Masks and other personal protective equipment became familiar sights. Although Covid-19 is no longer a global health emergency, remnants of when people had to maintain social distance from loved ones and strangers remain. Some events after vaccines for the disease were developed and manufactured raised questions that merit consideration. One of those questions concerns the global distribution of Covid-19 vaccines.

Period12 Jan 2024

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Media contributions