Huddersfield's Public Lecture on COVID-19

  • Hamid Merchant

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The first ever CoViD-19 vaccine is being rolled out in the country. The session will discuss the efficacy of vaccines currently and prospectively being rolled out. We shall also talk about how CoViD-19 vaccines work and potential safety issues associated with the vaccines to help understand the science and debunk myths surrounding vaccination.

The immunisation is being rolled out in phases and not everyone will get a vaccine imminently and those with underlying medical conditions or contraindications may not benefit from the vaccine. While we wait for the vaccine or a confirmed drug to treat CoViD-19, it may be possible to intervene early to prevent the virus causing a severe disease.
This talk will discuss a simple yet holistic strategy to target the disease during early stages involving a simple yet effective approach in relieving the symptoms of the disease in early stages and reducing the viral load in the upper respiratory tract to help recover from the infection. An early intervention can, therefore, prevent the virus to get down the lower respiratory tract, reduce the number of cases with severe disease involving pneumonia and the need for hospitalisation.


Public lecture discussing the current and prospective CoViD-19 vaccines, prevention measures and early intervention alternatives to combat the pandemic.

Period13 Jan 2021

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Media contributions

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