Hudds Pharmacist Represents UK At International Congress

  • Mahendra Patel

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The Morocco Council of Pharmacy were so impressed with the work of the University of Huddersfield's Dr Mahendra Patel he was invited by their President, Dr Souad Motaouakkil, to represent the UK's entire pharmacy profession at the country's International Congress in the presence of senior government officials and pharmacy leaders from fifteen Arab and African countries.


Dr Patel's presentation emphasised the support and guidance offered by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) to its pharmacist members through a well-structured programme of continuous personal, professional and clinical development across sectors and at all levels.

He also introduced and explained the various national campaigns the RPS are supporting in helping to shape the future of the pharmacy profession. This included the most recent one of how pharmacists can help in the effective management of long-term conditions such as diabetes.

Period25 May 2017

Media coverage


Media coverage


TitleThe 24th Annual Pharmacy Congress
LocationHilton Habtoor Grand Hotel, Beirut, Lebanon
Period17 Sep 2016 → 19 Sep 2016