In Review: MATA Divine Mysteries: Ángeloi

  • Kristina Wolfe

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Review of Antiphon:

"The young couple next to me in the pew neither knew of MATA nor were serious musicians (he admitted to playing percussion for fun), but new music and Wolfe’s pilgrimages were “their sort of thing.” The New Yorker description intrigued them enough to come solely for Antiphon. They were right to sense Wolfe’s import: despite her brief clock time, Wolfe provided the program’s philosophical shape. An antiphon is usually a sung text fragment indicating the viewpoint that is fundamental to understand upcoming liturgy; Antiphon did the same for Emil Wojtacki’s Compline (Ángeloi). Wolfe’s music counters scientific time measurement by reclaiming a sense of time as embodied interaction. Some examples Wolfe gives of simple day in this ancient sense: not 9-5 but “eat breakfast, eat lunch, eat dinner, go to sleep.” Likewise “Divine Mysteries” was one seamless event: no progression markers of applause but cyclical sit, stand, sing, stop singing, sit."

Period14 Sep 2018

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Media coverage