Lactoferrin: immune booster to help fight colds and Covid

  • Hamid Merchant

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It’s fair to say the quest for both a robust immune system and better sleep is high on all of our agendas. Potential help is at hand in the shape of countless remedies and supplements promising to boost immunity and gadgets such as the Sensate 'power nap pebble' to aid better sleep, but few have garnered so much recent interest from immunology experts as lactoferrin. An anti-inflammatory protein abundant in breast milk that can help prevent colds and other respiratory infections from coming on and lessen their severity, it also plays a role in managing stress and inducing better sleep.


Lactoferrin and its role in immune regulation

Period11 Nov 2022

Media coverage


Media coverage

  • TitleLactoferrin: this doctor-approved immune booster to know about to help fight colds and Covid
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    DescriptionLactoferrin hit the headlines during the pandemic in 2021, when pharmaceutical scientist Dr Hamid Merchant of the University of Huddersfield did a study on all the clinical trials on lactoferrin . He concluded that it “significantly reduced odds of developing respiratory infections.” And if you did have a respiratory infection such as a cough, cold or Covid-19, lactoferrin could have a “beneficial role in managing symptoms and recovery” he said. It could also potentially be used “as an adjunct in Covid-19,” meaning it could help strengthen your immune system when fighting Covid-19 symptoms.

    “Like a security guard, lactoferrin prevents viruses and bacteria from entering cells,” says Dr Merchant. “But it also initiates a release of multiple cellular immunity and antibody molecules to mount a response against infection.” A true bug-busting multi-tasker, it appears.

    It also “regulates the hyperinflammatory process,” says Dr Merchant, meaning that swelling and inflammation will be reduced and you might not get that horrendously sore throat and swollen glands.
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