L’infirmière de pratique avancée ne remplace pas le médecin, elle fournit des soins infirmiers avancés ("The advanced practice nurse does not replace the doctor, she provides advanced nursing care")

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The Covid-19 pandemic has put the health systems of many countries under extreme strain with enormous needs in care, therapy, support, screening, prevention, etc. First line in all areas of care, nurses redeployed as a team to take charge of the sick and their relatives. In this context of health crisis, advanced practice nurses supported the teams and participated in the care, as evidenced by one of them, Dr. Mélanie Rogers, in office in the United Kingdom. President of the network of advanced practice nurses within from the International Council of Nurses, Dr Mélanie Rogers discusses what characterizes the of these professionals and on the interest, for the teams and the patients, of the leadership they can exercise.

Period22 Aug 2020

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Media contributions