Rail Safety Professor Gives Inaugural Professorial Lectures

  • Coen Van Gulijk

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UK figures show that over the past 12 months there were 1.73 billion passenger journeys by rail - more than twice as many in the 1990s. Rising passenger demand could mean that the train fleet doubles in size by 2045. Now, the challenge is to ensure that modern rail travel is as safe as possible, and two University of Huddersfield experts are to deliver public lectures on the topic. One will describe the emergence of a new breed of 'safety scientists'.


Professor van Gulijk - whose research career in the fields of safety and security included posts at leading European universities before his arrival at Huddersfield's IRR in 2014 - will explore the impact of digital enterprise systems in rail safety. Developments such as artificial intelligence, incessant data feeds and social media will be explored and Professor Van Gulijk will describe how the face of safety will be changed by what he describes as 'a new breed of safety scientists'.

Period8 May 2017

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Media coverage