Transitions: A Story of Refugee Lives

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This comic was based on a study undertaken by researchers from the University of Huddersfield, UK as part of the Refugee Integration Yorkshire and Humber project. The project was mobilised in January 2021 and concluded in December 2022. It sought to understand the housing pathways and experiences of refugees who had settled in the UK over a 30-year period. It involved an extensive scoping review of the literature and in-depth research with 49 refugees and 30 policy actors and practitioners. Research participants were mainly drawn from the Yorkshire and Humber region of the UK.  

The stories presented here reflect the experiences the researchers heard from refugees during the study. The events are real events but drawn from a number of different refugee participants. Refugees, and those who work with refugees, have been involved in the production of this comic and have been consulted at key points along the way. We have adapted its content along the way to take on board their views.   

This comic has been produced with the financial support of the European Union Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund. The contents of this comic are the sole responsibility of the authors, and in no way reflect the views of the funder, the European Commission or the United Kingdom Responsible Authority (UKRA). Neither the European Commission nor UKRA is liable for any use that may be made of the information in this publication. 

The various outputs from the project can be found here: and include: peer review papers, various written outputs and an interactive documentary.

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Media contributions

  • TitleTransitions: A Story of Refugee Lives
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    Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
    PersonsHugh Goldring, Edmund Trueman, Philip Brown, Santokh Gill, Jamie Halsall, Akosiwa Agbokou, Jose Garcia, Kate James, Sameerah Mahmood, Tesfalem Yemane