Virtual Reality Technology Targets Maxillofacial Surgery Training

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Researchers at the University of Huddersfield are developing virtual reality (VR) technology to train surgeons, including maxillofacial surgeons. The gear will provide close-up, stereoscopic 3-D views of procedures in a 360° virtual operating room without the sightline problems that can occur in the packed operating theaters of today’s medical and dental schools.


The project also involves cognitive process expert David Peebles, PhD, and PhD candidate Matthew Pears, a student in psychology and cognitive science. Pears is investigating ways in which human factors and nontechnical skills, including the situational awareness that is vital but instinctive for experienced practitioners, could be incorporated into the VR surgery. He has conducted cognitive task interviews with maxillofacial surgeons about their experiences and how they react when problems arise during surgery.

Period10 Apr 2017

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Media coverage