3D-MARCo is an open-access database of 3D sound recordings of musical performances and room impulse responses. The recordings were made in the St. Paul’s concert hall in Huddersfield, UK using a total of 71 microphones simultaneously. The main microphone arrays included in the database comprise PCMA-3D, OCT-3D, 2L-Cube, Decca Cubioid, First-order Ambisonics (FOA), Higher-order Ambisonics (HOA) and Hamasaki Square with height. In addition, ORTF, side/height, Voice of God and floor channels as well as a dummy head and spot microphones are included. The sound sources recorded are string quartet, piano trio, piano solo, organ, a cappella group, various single sources and room impulse responses of a virtual ensemble with 13 source positions captured by all of the microphones. 3D-MARCo would be useful for spatial audio research, recording education, critical ear training, etc.

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