Data for: Energetic particle irradiation study of TiN coatings

  • Matheus Araujo Tunes (Creator)
  • Felipe C. Da Silva (Contributor)
  • Osmane Camara (Creator)
  • Claudio G. Schon (Contributor)
  • Julio César Sagás (Contributor)
  • Luis C. Fontana (Contributor)
  • Steve Donnelly (Contributor)
  • Graeme Greaves (Contributor)
  • Philip D. Edmondson (Contributor)



This dataset presents the experimental parameters to ensure the reproducibility of this research work:

1. The ion beam parameters of the MIAMI-2 facility for 134 keV Xe irradiation at 473 K.
2. The parameters of the magnetron sputtering deposition of the TiN thin films.
3. The spreadsheet for fluence-to-dpa conversion.
4. The analysis of Xe bubbles sizes at up to 6.2 dpa.
5. The high-resolution and processed TEM, STEM-EDX HAADF, EFTEM micrographs for future comparison and reference.
Date made available17 Sep 2018
PublisherMendeley Data

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