• Robert B. Appleby (Creator)
  • Roger J Barlow (Creator)
  • Adriana Bungau (Creator)
  • James Fallon (Creator)
  • Dirk Kruecker (Creator)
  • James Molson (Creator)
  • Haroon Rafique (Creator)
  • Scott Rowan (Creator)
  • Maurizio Serluca (Creator)
  • Kyrre Ness Sjøbæk (Creator)
  • Adina Toader (Creator)
  • Sam Tygier (Creator)
  • Nick Walker (Creator)
  • Andy Wolski (Creator)



Merlin++ is an accelerator simulation program that tracks beams through components of a ring or beamline. Merlin++ is written in C++, and unlike MAD and most other packages, it is actually a library of C++ routines. The user writes their own program and compiles it against the MERLIN class definitions and function libraries. More details can be found at and
Date made available2020

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