None in Three Centre: Global Challenges Research Fund qualitative interviews and focus group transcriptions - Uganda

  • Adele Jones (Creator)
  • Timothy Gomersall (Creator)
  • Nadia Wager (Creator)
  • Graham Gibbs (Creator)
  • Eric Ochen (Creator)



Interview and focus group transcripts pertaining to various aspects of gender-based violence in Uganda: 45 women who were married as children, including 12 who had been abducted by the Lord’s Resistance Army; 112 men and youth; 40 female community members, and 11 key informants from support services and third sector organisations.

The transcripts from this qualitative research are not being made publicly available since this would not comply ethically with the consent given by participants, to share their reflections and experiences for the specific purpose of the Ni3 GCRF project. If you would like to find out more about the project or about this data, you can email

Dataset linked to the reports entitled: "Curriculum To Support The Prevention Of Child Marriage And Gender-Based Violence In Uganda: A Curriculum Framework developed by the None in Three Research Centre for the Global Prevention of Gender-based Violence" and "Issues, beliefs and experience of child marriage and gender-based violence in Uganda: A Qualitative Study".

Related journal article entitled: "Leaving a Violent Child Marriage: Experiences of Adult Survivors in Uganda".
Date made available2999
PublisherUniversity of Huddersfield
Temporal coverage2018 - 2021
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