Submission of curriculum specification of CODATA-RDA Research Data Science schools as an RDA output.

  • Hugh Shanahan (Creator)
  • Rob Quick (Creator)
  • Marcela Alfaro Córdoba (Creator)
  • Gail Clement (Creator)
  • Louise Bezuidenhout (Creator)
  • Venkat Shanmugasundaram (Creator)
  • Sarah Jones (Creator)
  • Kevin Ashley (Creator)
  • Stephen Diggs (Creator)
  • Colin Gillespie (Creator)
  • Sara El-jadid (Creator)
  • Maria Sorokina (Creator)
  • Roger Barlow (Creator)
  • Ekpe Okorafor (Creator)
  • Gergely Sipos (Creator)
  • Alessandro Constantini (Creator)
  • Hannah Short (Creator)



The following zip file is a submission to the Rrsearch Data Alliance of a set of documents describing the curriculum of the CODATA-RDA Research Data Science schools. The following documents are .) a summary recommendation document .) a set of curriculum specifications for the modules run in this curriculum, .) an example timetable for a 10 day intensive training event, .) a diagram to show how these modules are connected, .) a spreadsheet of links to example materials that implements this, .) a metadata file, .) an impact statement, .) a document discussing the maintenance plan of the materials.
Date made available2019

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