The Influences of Microphone System, Video, and Listening Position on the Perceived Quality of Surround Recording for Sport Content



This paper investigates the influences of the recording/reproduction format, video and listening position on the quality perception of surround ambience recordings for sport events. Two microphone systems First Order Ambisonics (FOA) and Equal Segment Microphone Array (ESMA) were compared in both 4-channel (2D) and 8- channel (3D) loudspeaker reproductions. One subject group tested audio-only conditions while the other group was presented with video as well as audio. Overall, the ESMA was rated significantly higher than the FOA for all quality attributes tested regardless of the presence of video. The 2D and 3D reproductions did not have a significant difference within each microphone system. Video had a significant interaction with the microphone system and listening position depending on the attribute.
Date made available2019

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