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Application of Next Generation Accelerators

Barlow, R., Kirkby, K. J., Borghesi, M. & Jaroszynski, D. A.


Project: Research

Track to the Future (T2F): The science and analytical tools to design long life, low noise railway track systems

Iwnicki, S., Powrie, W., Preston, J. M., Blainey, S. P., McDowell, G., Roberts, C. & Thompson, D. J.


Project: Research

VASAR- Volumetric Audio Synthesis for AR

Llewellyn, G. & Lee, H.


Project: Research

HiLeMMS: High-Level Mesoscale Modelling System

Meng, J., Zhang, Y., Kubiak, K., Emerson, D. R., Revell, A., Seaton, M., Nash, R. W. & Luo, K. H.


Project: Research

Justice in the aftermath of sexual assault

Wager, N.


Project: Research

SemData: Semantic Data Management

Antoniou, G.


Project: Research

Young people, sex and sexuality

Woodiwiss, J.


Project: Research

Future Fashion Factory - Digitally Enabled Design & Manufacture of Designer Products for Circular Economies

Goswami, P., Russell, S. J., Almond, K. & Postlethwaite, S.


Project: Research

Semantic Annotation and Mark Up for Enhancing Lexical Searches

Jeffries, L., Alexander, M. G., Baron, A., Archer, D., Hope, J., Rayson, P. E. & Kay, C. J.


Project: Research

John Cage and the 'Concert for piano and orchestra'

Thomas, P. & Iddon, M.


Project: Research

Resource Recovery and Remediation of Alkaline Wastes

Humphreys, P. & Mayes, W. M.


Project: Research

The social, historical, cultural and democratic context of civic engagement: imagining different communities and making them happen

Crow, G., Pahl, K., Steadman-Jones, R., Hart, A., Reid, S. E., Harris, B. J., Dubow, J., Griffiths, C., Carpenter, M. J., Church, A., Pinnock, A., Smith, G., Lyon, D., Dominello, L., Banks, S., Chapman Hoult, E., Mohan, J., Byrne, D. S., Mah, A., Daniel, B., Chilies, P. & Ward, P.


Project: Research

Future Advanced Metrology Hub

Jiang, J., Martin, H., Longstaff, A., Kadirkamanathan, V., Turner, M. S., Keogh, P., Scott, P., McLeay, T., Blunt, L., Zeng, W., Huntley, J. M., Bills, P., Fletcher, S., Gao, F., Coupland, J. M., Kinnell, P., Mahfouf, M. & Mullineux, G.


Project: Research

Scalable Non-invasive Radiometric Wireless Sensor Network for Partial Discharge Monitoring in the Future Smart Grid

Glover, I., Atkinson, R., Soraghan, J., Judd, M. & Vieira, M. D. F. Q.


Project: Research


McCluskey, L., Antoniou, G. & Vallati, M.


Project: Research

Songs of the Caves: acoustics and prehistoric art in Cantabrian caves

Till, R., Fazenda, B. & Scarre, C.


Project: Research