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interface dk.atira.pure.api.shared.model.classification.ClassificationScheme

Application of Next Generation Accelerators

Barlow, R., Kirkby, K. J., Borghesi, M. & Jaroszynski, D. A.


Project: Research

Track to the Future (T2F): The science and analytical tools to design long life, low noise railway track systems

Iwnicki, S., Powrie, W., Preston, J. M., Blainey, S. P., McDowell, G., Roberts, C. & Thompson, D. J.


Project: Research

VASAR- Volumetric Audio Synthesis for AR

Llewellyn, G. & Lee, H.


Project: Research

HiLeMMS: High-Level Mesoscale Modelling System

Meng, J., Zhang, Y., Kubiak, K., Emerson, D. R., Revell, A., Seaton, M., Nash, R. W. & Luo, K. H.


Project: Research

Justice in the aftermath of sexual assault

Wager, N.


Project: Research

SemData: Semantic Data Management

Antoniou, G.


Project: Research

Young people, sex and sexuality

Woodiwiss, J.


Project: Research

Future Fashion Factory - Digitally Enabled Design & Manufacture of Designer Products for Circular Economies

Goswami, P., Russell, S. J., Almond, K. & Postlethwaite, S.


Project: Research

Semantic Annotation and Mark Up for Enhancing Lexical Searches

Jeffries, L., Alexander, M. G., Baron, A., Archer, D., Hope, J., Rayson, P. E. & Kay, C. J.


Project: Research

John Cage and the 'Concert for piano and orchestra'

Thomas, P. & Iddon, M.


Project: Research

Scalable Non-invasive Radiometric Wireless Sensor Network for Partial Discharge Monitoring in the Future Smart Grid

Glover, I., Atkinson, R., Soraghan, J., Judd, M. & Vieira, M. D. F. Q.


Project: Research

Resource Recovery and Remediation of Alkaline Wastes

Humphreys, P. & Mayes, W. M.


Project: Research

The social, historical, cultural and democratic context of civic engagement: imagining different communities and making them happen

Crow, G., Pahl, K., Steadman-Jones, R., Hart, A., Reid, S. E., Harris, B. J., Dubow, J., Griffiths, C., Carpenter, M. J., Church, A., Pinnock, A., Smith, G., Lyon, D., Dominello, L., Banks, S., Chapman Hoult, E., Mohan, J., Byrne, D. S., Mah, A., Daniel, B., Chilies, P. & Ward, P.


Project: Research

The Emily Hobhouse Letters: South Africa in International Context, 1899-1926

Gill, R., Dampier, H., Law, K. & Muller, C.


Project: Research