Central Asian Network of Economics and Management: CANEM II

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CANEM II will enable and organize mobility of 135 CA nationals to EU universities and 5 European Staff to CA universities. Each of the 15 CA partner-universities will send to EU partner-universities undergraduate, masters, and doctoral, post-doc students and staff members – academic/administrative. This mobility will have significant impact on the capacity of CA partner universities.
The main field of study is Economics and Management, but at the same time, the project will accept of students from other fields of study, which are adjacent areas of learning. The reason that was chosen direction of economics and management is that in Central Asia are already four consortiums of technical and engineering areas. And we would like to provide an opportunity for students of social and managerial sciences to study in European universities.
The project gives special attention to staff training, both academic and administrative. Educating will help the beneficiaries to improve their knowledge and skills in HEI capacity building. Administrative staff will be trained at intensive courses focused on the needs of CA partner-universities. On return the trained administrative staff will replicate the gained knowledge by sharing practical solutions with their home universities colleagues in order to facilitate the learning of constantly changing subject matter in a dynamic and diverse learning environment, assess student progress to alter and enhance the learning environment to optimize student success, and strengthen the capacity of the HEI.
PhD and post-doc level candidates will have an excellent ability to enrich their research skills in EU partner-universities by bringing various innovations, modern methods and approaches. MA and BA students will benefit from the expertise of academic staff and rich learning resources available in EU partner-universities. They will gain a great value for their personal as well as their professional development and with bigger potential to be required by the labour market of home country; get new competences and employability; especially it’s considered for Master students who have a possibility to obtain EU Master’s degree.
The purpose of Economics graduate program is to train students to become proficient in modern economics. Students must master the analytic insights and tools of microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics. Doctoral students specialize by taking two of the advanced fields of study offered by the different departments.
When the BA program is aims to stimulate local entrepreneurship by creating a new generation of innovative and socially responsible entrepreneurs in developing countries through tailor-made and practice-oriented study programs.
Effective start/end date1/09/1430/09/16


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