De-radicalisation: Insights from International Research

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Federal, Flemish and local governments have adopted measures to counter 'violent radicalisation'. There is still a need for the translation of research to practice and insights in best practices in order to set up and evaluate these measures.

The Flemish Peace Institute is an independent institute hosted by the Flemish Parliament that presents scientific analyses, organizes debates, and recommends policy measures to prevent violence.

For this project, we have selected topics that are relevant for Flemish policymakers. These include issues that relate to strategies to deal with extremist violence, but also issues that relate to broader social questions that policymakers relate to extremist violence in the political debate. The introduction and conclusion reflect upon the evolution of the policy concept of radicalisation and the place of de- and counter-radicalisation policy in regular policy.
Effective start/end date1/08/1631/03/17


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