European Human Rights Law for Universities of Ukraine and Moldova

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Problems of human rights protection in Ukraine and Moldova are very similar, because in both countries there are so-called disputed territories, Transnistria in Moldova and the Crimea and Donbas, annexed by Russia in Ukraine, where hostilities continue. These areas have uncertain status, which negatively affects possibility of realization of citizens' rights and freedoms. However, international law binds our countries to ensure respect for human rights within the officially recognized borders.

According to the International Federation for the Human Rights (FIDH) data, violations of rights and freedoms on the disputed territories are systemic in nature, it is primarily the right to life and security, the right to citizenship, freedom of movement, health, education a decent standard of living, and others (FIDH report "Disputed Entities in Eastern Europe: Human Rights Sacrificed" published October 9th, 2014).
Effective start/end date15/10/1614/10/19


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