European Spallation Neutron Source

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The project is to provide the complete RF distribution system for the Spoke, Medium beta and High beta elliptical cavities of the European Spallation source linac. This will consist of a total of 146 waveguide runs, one for each cavity.

Included is the test construction of one complete stub of 8 waveguides (but without loads and circulators) to be made at the ESS before installation and the support system for the entire distribution system. We will be responsible for drafting the tender document, in collaboration with the ESS, running the tender, and the QA and acceptance testing at the suppliers and at Lund. Further, due to changes in temperature of the cooling water at the ESS, tests of prototype loads, plus a circulator, are required early next year at Lund to assess their suitability. We will participate in these and also in the test of arc detectors at CERN. We will be on site at Lund to provide information for installation of distribution system (though we will not do the installation itself) and be involved in the commissioning of the entire RF system.
Effective start/end date1/04/1630/09/20


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