Life-Saving Lullabies: Reducing adolescent maternal and neonatal deaths in Zambia

  • Swann, David (PI)
  • Reid, Jim (CoI)
  • Doyle, Barry (CoI)

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'Life-Saving Lullabies' is a highly novel, adaptable, transferable and sustainable arts-based innovation strategy that seeks to disrupt the traditional models of healthcare practice and service delivery, while informing a new approach to improve the health and wellbeing outcomes of adolescent mothers and their newborn in resource-stressed environments. Central to this, is our human-centred design approach that will: confront inequalities associated with the accessibility of antenatal care services (ANC); improve upon the current ANC practices used to up-skill service users with maternal health information; and empower local communities to conceive new lullabies to address immediate local and national challenges. Importantly, we will achieve this by foregrounding the needs of young mothers from their experience rather than those defined by clinicians or others removed from the intimate daily and nightly social being of women

Layman's description

Life-saving Lullabies is a partnership with the University of Huddersfield, Sheffield Hallam University, St John Zambia, and Ufulu Film Studios to reduce maternal and infant mortality in Zambia through the novel use of song.
Effective start/end date21/02/2020/02/21


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