Listening through play-based methods: young children’s experiences of family life in the aftermath of a global pandemic

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Children born in 2020 entered a world drastically different in the face of national lockdowns and unprecedented strain on health services. Two years on, many of these children attend nurseries with the impact on their social development emerging. Settings have renewed focus on building partnerships with parents following a lengthy period of restricted access and communication. However, little is known about how the lives of families with young children have changed since. This project will explore young children’s understanding of family and family practice as daily routines and activities. A novel way of listening to and recording children’s experiences by utilising familiar early years resources and principles of practice is proposed. Sensory exploratory tuff trays will be utilised as a play-based method to elicit and record young children’s views followed by a four-stage data analysis process to emphasise the voice and experience of the child.
Effective start/end date1/10/2331/01/25