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This project aims to prove the feasibility of polishing a variety of surfaces, using a new combination of enhanced polishing slurries, tools and tool-motions.
The ultimate objective is to generate significant commercial advantage in both the rate of material removed (economics of production), and the ability to remove mid spatial frequencies (ripples) on surfaces (quality of production). If this work is successful, we hope to attract a manufacturer of specialist polishing slurries to engage with a subsequent phase of development, and ultimately bring a new range of slurries to market.
The research has potential to benefit a wide range of applications that require precision surface-finishing, including optics, prosthetic joint-implants, bearing surfaces, turbine blades and moulds¨s. Relevant sectors embrace defence, aero-space, medical, consumer, instrumentation, and Science Base.
Effective start/end date1/02/1731/10/17


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