Partnership for Innovation of Exact Supporting Courses in Economics and Management Study Programmes

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Students of economics, management and related study programmes have difficulty acquiring the knowledge and skills to support their learning in specialist courses/modules such as mathematics, statistics, quantitative methods for decision-making and econometrics. They use these tools and methodologies very rarely in an active form during their study time but they require these skills when working on their seminar projects, bachelor theses and master theses. They also need them later on - in their professional lives.

The aim of the project is to develop innovative pedagogical approaches and a new learning environment in the form of study materials, open educational sources, teaching methods and software to assist the teaching of these courses/subjects by sharing experience between the partner institutions involved in the project, using analyses of the situation in the partner countries, and elsewhere in Europe and worldwide.

The target groups are Economics, Management and similar study Programmes at the Bachelor and Master levels, in both full time or part-time mode, and participants in life long learning programmes. The innovated learning materials will be developed in the English language; and so, for partners from non-English speaking countries the target group of students will be formed from overseas students in short-time mobility programmes, such as Erasmus+ KA1, and from students of compact study programmes.

The learning experience from the knowledge already gained in the Czech co-ordinating institution and the other partner countries (thanks to the frequent contacts with colleagues from Economics, Mathematics and Commerce Faculties) and in Europe (via the membership in the NICE Network, long-term engagement on e-Learning introduction and participation in international conventions) has led to a strong aspiration to innovate at a European level. The experience of the partner universities in the consortium and the synergies between them are the vehicles for the delivery of such an outcome.

Layman's description

The aim of the project is to enhance the capacity of the partner institutions to support non-specialist economics and management students in their understanding of quantitative subjects.
Effective start/end date1/12/2030/11/23


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