To Develop Practical Solutions to Capture Progressive On-Site Data to Enable the Comparison During Construction of an Asset As-Built Position Against the Retrospective 3D BIM Design Model Using Unmanned Areal Vehicles and Ground Based 3D Scanning Facilities

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    Working with Waldeck Associates Ltd (Waldeck) to develop practical solutions to capture progressive on-site data, enabling the comparison during construction of an assets as-built position against the retrospective 3D BIM design model using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and ground based 3D scanning facilities.
    Includes hands on access to state of the art UAV and ground based 3D scanning facilities, as well as undertaking research to develop novel BIM based data integration solutions, and increasing the company's research and development capabilities in the area of digital data capture.
    Effective start/end date11/04/175/11/19


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