A Cloud Computing‐Based Modified Symbiotic Organisms Search Algorithm (AI) for Optimal Task Scheduling

Ajoze Abdulraheem Zubair, Shukor Abd Razak, Md Asri Ngadi, Arafat Al‐dhaqm, Wael M.S. Yafooz, Abdel Hamid M. Emara, Aldosary Saad, Hussain Al‐aqrabi

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The search algorithm based on symbiotic organisms’ interactions is a relatively recent bio-inspired algorithm of the swarm intelligence field for solving numerical optimization problems. It is meant to optimize applications based on the simulation of the symbiotic relationship among the distinct species in the ecosystem. The task scheduling problem is NP complete, which makes it hard to obtain a correct solution, especially for large‐scale tasks. This paper proposes a modified symbiotic organisms search‐based scheduling algorithm for the efficient mapping of heterogeneous tasks to access cloud resources of different capacities. The significant contribution of this technique is the simplified representation of the algorithm’s mutualism process, which uses equity as a measure of relationship characteristics or efficiency of species in the current ecosystem to move to the next generation. These relational characteristics are achieved by replacing the original mutual vector, which uses an arithmetic mean to measure the mutual characteristics with a geometric mean that enhances the survival advantage of two distinct species. The modified symbiotic organisms search algorithm (G_SOS) aims to minimize the task execution time (makespan), cost, response time, and degree of imbalance, and improve the convergence speed for an optimal solution in an IaaS cloud. The performance of the proposed technique was evaluated using a CloudSim toolkit simulator, and the percentage of improvement of the proposed G_SOS over classical SOS and PSO‐SA in terms of makespan minimization ranges between 0.61–20.08% and 1.92–25.68% over a large‐scale task that spans between 100 to 1000 Million Instructions (MI). The solutions are found to be better than the existing standard (SOS) technique and PSO.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1674
Number of pages21
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 21 Feb 2022


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