An evaluation system for university-industry partnership sustainability: Enhancing options for entrepreneurial universities

Arturas Kaklauskas, Audrius Banaitis, Fernando A.F. Ferreira, João J.M. Ferreira, Dilanthi Amaratunga, Natalija Lepkova, Ieva Ubarte, Nerija Banaitiene

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The concept of university-industry partnership sustainability (UIPS) stands for well-adjusted progress among key players from universities and industry by sustaining their welfare, both in the present and in the future. This paper sought to develop an evaluation system for UIPS. The need for such a system is justified at three levels: the micro level (i.e., research and innovation performance, transfer and absorptive capability, and technology development), the meso level (i.e., institutional arrangements, communication networks, and local and indigenous rules) and the macro level (i.e., supply and demand, regulations, financing, taxes, culture, traditions, market, climate, politics, demographics, and technology). The UIPS evaluation system developed in this study offers the possibility of calculating a fair value of UIPS and providing recommendations for improving university-industry (U-I) partnerships. This can be of great importance for entrepreneurial universities that would like to strengthen their corporate links and/or reduce/reverse the "hollowing effect" of globalisation in disadvantaged regions. Additionally, this paper also contains discussions on the advantages, limitations, and managerial implications of this proposal.
Original languageEnglish
Article number199
Number of pages17
JournalSustainability (Switzerland)
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 5 Jan 2018


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