Connecting Cairo to the Nile: Renewing Life and Heritage on the River

G Mathias Kondolf, Louise Mozingo, Rachael Marzion, Krishnachandran Balakrishnan, Amir Gohar, Khalid Al Adli, Abbas El Zafarany, Linda Jewell, Sami Sabri Shaker, Ahmed Shalaby, Noha Abbassy, Tami Church, Richard Crockett, Nada Abd El Aziz, Ferika El Bialy, Aly Abd El-Gawad Ali Ghaly, Momen El Husseiny, Mohamed El Kharbotly, Hebba Ezzat, Salsabil FahmyAhmed Farouk, Ereny Kamal, Michal Kapitulnik, Mirette Khorshed, Madonna Maher, Malak Maher, Nada Nafeh, Adrienne Smith, Bahaa Stephanos, Mohamed Tarek, Rob Tidmore

Research output: Working paper


As urban waterfronts around the world de-industrialize, cities are increasingly capitalizing on these opportunities to provide open space and alternative commuting routes along riverbanks, bringing residents and visitors back to the waterfronts. In January 2011, graduate students from Cairo University, The American University in Cairo, and University of California at Berkeley worked together in interdisciplinary teams to develop long-term plans and designs for the Nile waterfront in Cairo. Our research demonstrates that Cairo has remarkable opportunities to reconnect its people with the river through increased access to the waterfront, environmental improvements, pedestrian pathways, and attractive public spaces. Reclaiming the banks of the Nile for the people of Cairo will provide much-needed green space and make the river once again the heart of a dynamic and richly-textured city.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages100
Publication statusPublished - 2011
Externally publishedYes


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