COVID-19 nexus with food security and sustainable growth: Impacts, implications and road to resilience in Sri Lanka

Sisira Madurapperuma Arachchilage, Dilanthi Amaratunga, Richard Haigh

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapterpeer-review


Covid-19 pandemic, one of the most significant humanitarian and development setbacks faced by humankind in the known history, imposes immeasurable risks to the progress of sustainable development and human wellbeing. It is a health crisis that went beyond anyone’s control, leading to a global pandemic, but on the other end, it is an economic catastrophe that might takes years, if not decades, for a full recovery. Impacts vary from region to region, country to country and district to district, depending on how resilient, lean, agile the systems are. However, impacts are undoubtedly immense. Developed, developing, and least developed countries are battling to regain social, cultural and economic progress. Due to the pandemic, Sustainable Development Goals, commonly known as SDGs, the global blueprint with clearly set development targets to be achieved by 2030, has faced enormous strain as never before. Among 17 goals of the SDGs, Goal 1: No Poverty, Goal 2: Zero Hunger, Goal 03: Good Health and Well-being, Goal 4: Quality Education, and Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth have been pushed back by the pandemic. While the pandemic has significant impacts on all the goals and targets, this chapter specifically discusses the impacts of Covid-19 on goals 1 and 2 and their overall impacts on food security and sustainable growth, with particular emphasis on Sri Lanka. The chapter also discusses potential recovery options to regain the path to SDG, prosperity and splendour in the island nation.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationCOVID 19: Impact, Mitigation, Opportunities and Building Resilience
Subtitle of host publicationFrom Adversity to Serendipity
EditorsRanjith Senaratne, Dilanthi Amaratunga, Shanthi Mendis, Prema-chandra Athukorala
PublisherNational Science Foundation of Sri Lanka
Number of pages11
ISBN (Electronic)9786245896004
Publication statusPublished - 29 Sep 2021


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