Elaboration on cost savings by using technology demonstration nanosatellites

Yu M. Urlichich, A. S. Selivanov, V. M. Vishnyakov

Research output: Contribution to journalConference article


Russian Institute of Space Device Engineering (Moscow) is developing a family of technological nanosatellites - "TNS" - for space testing of the following miniaturized instruments and equipment: new satellite control technology by the use of global satellite communication systems; active electromagnetic systems for attitude control; instruments for remote sensing, data storage and data delivery channels based on COTS-components; new types of sensors, solar panels, micropropulsion units and other miniaturized components for super-small satellites; - various instruments for applied investigation of Earth, atmosphere, magnetosphere, etc. The first specimen of technological nanosatellite -5kg-nanosat "TNS-0" - has been developed by FSUE "RISDE" for new satellite operation control technology which applies global satellite communication systems. "TNS-0" has been launched in March 2005 from the board of International Space Station and successfully tested during 2.5 - month flight on the orbit of 350 . . .380 km. Next modifications of nanosatellites are being under development in the FSUE "RISDE" - such as "TNS-1" (for Earth remote sensing instruments testing) and "TNS-2" (for electromagnetic attitude control and flight control systems testing). Application of the "TNS" technological nanosatellites, due to lower cost and shorter term of their manufacture, can significantly minimize overall expenses for creation and testing of perspective satellite systems.

Original languageEnglish
JournalEuropean Space Agency, (Special Publication) ESA SP
Issue numberSP-648
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2007
Externally publishedYes
Event7th International Symposium on Reducing the Costs of Spacecraft Ground Systems and Operations - Space Research Institute , Moscow, Russian Federation
Duration: 11 Jun 200715 Jun 2007
Conference number: 7
http://www.esa.int/esapub/conference/toc/tocSP648.pdf (Link to Conference Handbook)


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