Evaluation of the Northamptonshire Parent Support Advisor service

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“The PSA service is second to none. The knowledge and experience that PSAs have working with families in challenging circumstances cannot be underestimated. The parents at our school have a real confidence in the service and often now self-refer. Families have praised the service highly as did the Ofsted Inspectors in November of this year. Personally, I think this is the best service that has happened for children & parents in the school”. (Head)“It’s been amazing the transformation –from when I firstcame here to where I am now. My daughter had a lot of behaviour problems. The PSA started the ball rolling to get the help I needed. Now through school, she is doing [music and sports activities] and has developed lots of confidence and friends. I was quiet and shy, lacked confidence and wouldn't speak to anyone. Since meeting the PSA I have come out of my shell and I am twice the person I was before. The PSA is who I go to first. I know she is there –I trust her 100%. She is like an aunt, where you can go and feel safe. No judgement. Just listens and gives advice. She is fantastic. It has been life changing for me –it’s like a whole new door has been opened. I feel she doesn’t get enough praise for the work she does and the work she has done for me and my girls”. (Parent)“I would like to say that the PSA has supported my sons and me through a very long and extremely difficult time. Without her help and understanding (which few other people involved showed) I don’t know how we would have coped. She empathised with the children and with me and gave us all useful strategies and coping mechanisms. The children felt able to confide in her, as did I, when we felt there were very few people we could trust. The PSA is a very valuable asset and should be given the recognition she deserves. Our situation has improved greatly ... and I know that should the need arise I can contact her and she will respond quickly and helpfully. I am still working on my self esteem and confidence in managing my children’s behaviour, but I am a lot stronger than I was and improving.” (Parent)“If the PSA wasn’t there I wouldn’t be in school now”(Young person)“They have proved an invaluable link between home and school. I have probably used them more than most and the rate of success drawing parents in and helping with children with problems has been astounding. Parents know and respect the work of the PSAs andreadily accept offers of help, even asking for referrals. Far from them being just another service, they have proved just how great the need is for families, parents and carers to be offered help and advice by someone other than a representative of the school”. (Teacher)
Original languageEnglish
Commissioning bodyNorthamptonshire County Council Extended Services
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2010
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