Felicity Means Happiness is video work that tells the story of a 98-year old former chorus girl. Alison J Carr interviewed Felicity about her time as a chorus girl, her story is fascinating and riveting. In the thirties, Felicity was one of the Bluebell Young Ladies. She toured France, Germany, and Italy until WW2 was declared in Italy. Felicity Means Happiness shows Felicity, telling her stories, Carr showing Felicity her artworks inspired by 1930s dancers, and footage of an Austrian film Felicity was in. The piece is as much about the connection between to the two women as it is about the realities of dancing and travelling.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 13 Sep 2019
EventFelicity Means Happiness - Abingdon Studios, Blackpool, United Kingdom
Duration: 13 Sep 201815 Sep 2018


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