General discussion

R. I. Ristic, B. Yu Shekunov, J. N. Sherwood, R. J. Davey, A. A. Chernov, A. Pidduck, K. Tsukamoto, G. M. Parkinson, J. P. Van Der Eerden, K. J. Roberts, M. Mohammadi, A. L. Rohl, P. Hillner, S. J. Maginn, C. D. Bain, B. Heywood, M. E. Pemble, R. Parsons, J. W.M. Frenken, M. J. Reynhout & 8 others J. D. Hopwood, I. R. Collins, T. A. Twomey, C. S. Cundy, F. S. Stone, P. Bennema, W. J. Benton, A. Keller

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JournalFaraday Discussions
Publication statusPublished - 1 Dec 1993
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Ristic, R. I., Shekunov, B. Y., Sherwood, J. N., Davey, R. J., Chernov, A. A., Pidduck, A., ... Keller, A. (1993). General discussion. Faraday Discussions, 95, 253-271.
Ristic, R. I. ; Shekunov, B. Yu ; Sherwood, J. N. ; Davey, R. J. ; Chernov, A. A. ; Pidduck, A. ; Tsukamoto, K. ; Parkinson, G. M. ; Van Der Eerden, J. P. ; Roberts, K. J. ; Mohammadi, M. ; Rohl, A. L. ; Hillner, P. ; Maginn, S. J. ; Bain, C. D. ; Heywood, B. ; Pemble, M. E. ; Parsons, R. ; Frenken, J. W.M. ; Reynhout, M. J. ; Hopwood, J. D. ; Collins, I. R. ; Twomey, T. A. ; Cundy, C. S. ; Stone, F. S. ; Bennema, P. ; Benton, W. J. ; Keller, A. / General discussion. In: Faraday Discussions. 1993 ; Vol. 95. pp. 253-271.
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Ristic, RI, Shekunov, BY, Sherwood, JN, Davey, RJ, Chernov, AA, Pidduck, A, Tsukamoto, K, Parkinson, GM, Van Der Eerden, JP, Roberts, KJ, Mohammadi, M, Rohl, AL, Hillner, P, Maginn, SJ, Bain, CD, Heywood, B, Pemble, ME, Parsons, R, Frenken, JWM, Reynhout, MJ, Hopwood, JD, Collins, IR, Twomey, TA, Cundy, CS, Stone, FS, Bennema, P, Benton, WJ & Keller, A 1993, 'General discussion', Faraday Discussions, vol. 95, pp. 253-271.

General discussion. / Ristic, R. I.; Shekunov, B. Yu; Sherwood, J. N.; Davey, R. J.; Chernov, A. A.; Pidduck, A.; Tsukamoto, K.; Parkinson, G. M.; Van Der Eerden, J. P.; Roberts, K. J.; Mohammadi, M.; Rohl, A. L.; Hillner, P.; Maginn, S. J.; Bain, C. D.; Heywood, B.; Pemble, M. E.; Parsons, R.; Frenken, J. W.M.; Reynhout, M. J.; Hopwood, J. D.; Collins, I. R.; Twomey, T. A.; Cundy, C. S.; Stone, F. S.; Bennema, P.; Benton, W. J.; Keller, A.

In: Faraday Discussions, Vol. 95, 01.12.1993, p. 253-271.

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T1 - General discussion

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PY - 1993/12/1

Y1 - 1993/12/1

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U2 - 10.1039/FD9939500253

DO - 10.1039/FD9939500253

M3 - Comment/debate

VL - 95

SP - 253

EP - 271

JO - Faraday Discussions

T2 - Faraday Discussions

JF - Faraday Discussions

SN - 1364-5498

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Ristic RI, Shekunov BY, Sherwood JN, Davey RJ, Chernov AA, Pidduck A et al. General discussion. Faraday Discussions. 1993 Dec 1;95:253-271.