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Men’s health has become a significant area of public debate in recent years. Indeed Rieder and Meryn (2001) go as far as suggesting, ‘there seems to be a resurgence of men’s health issues at the forefront, together with or in place of women’s health policy and promotion’. The last ten years or so have seen a significant international expansion of gendered research and commentary on men’s health (for example, Bruckenwell et al., 1995; Sabo and Gordon, 1995; Connell et al., 1998; Schmeiser-Rieder et al., 1999; Watson, 2000; Luck et al., 2000; WHO, 2000; Lee and Owens, 2002; White and Cash, 2003; Riska, 2004; Sabo, 2005), as well as the launching of two specialist journals: International Journal of Men’s Health; and The Journal of Men’s Health and Gender. Yet, having said that, until recently in many countries there has been relatively little focused academic work on men’s health from a gendered perspective.
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