In Ecstasy is an installation work on the theme of spiritual and secular experience through rhythm and music developed from research on The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa and through field work with Brofest, the first ever festival devoted to New Wave British Heave Metal. The work places the viewer between candid footage of concertgoers lost in revelry to an abstracted soundscape of distorted percussion and chorus. The aim is to show a unifying humanistic, private, secret experience that is shared both religiously and secularly. The primary concern with the work is to create an emotive experience that hopefully encourages an empathetic response between the revelry in the work and the experiences of the viewer. Failing that: a sense of wonder at those that can lose themselves so intimately in a shared experience.

Exhibition list:
Hors Pistes (Rosario) - Cairo Public Theatre (Argentina) 2014
Cairo Video Festival - Medrar (Egypt) 2014
Open Up North - The Brewery Arts Centre (UK) 2014
Aiva International Video Art Festival - Finspang (Sweden) 2014
Vkunst – Frankfurt (Germany) 2014
Transition 4 – Customs House Gallery (UK) 2014
Scam – Paris (France) 2014
Videoformes – Clermont Ferrand (France) 2014
Ozon International Video Art Festival - Roundabout Gallery (Poland) 2013
Hatton Gallery (UK) 2013
Original languageEnglish
Media of outputFilm
Publication statusPublished - 2013


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